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Oreo Pride – Brands and positions they take

Wow, a brand that decides to take a position that’s not connected with their product in any way.

What’s interesting is all the analytics (here offered by Radiant6) that provides a very clear feedback on what the brand is gaining and losing by taking a stand. This also means we’ll have more analytics-based brand shaping in the future. Software might soon make predictions such as “if you endorse message z your sales will raise x% in California and fall y% in South Carolina”.

I am not yet sure if I like the over analyzed world we live in.

In any case , cheers to Oreo!


Oreo Pride: Facebook Post Causes Social Media Stir

Image from Oreo’s Facebook page In conjunction with Pride Month, Oreo Cookies made waves on Facebook on Monday evening by coming out firmly in support of gay rights/marriage. Posting a picture of a rainbow colored Oreo (which looks delicious, by the way) featuring a caption reading “Proudly support love!

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Startups in Greece

I’d argue the following: Greece might currently be the most interesting place to look at for new ideas. Villages introducing their own currencies. New forms of credit. Interesting things are bound to happen when a well educated population sails into uncharted waters.

Let’s see what comes out of that.

You Think You Have It Hard? These Tech Entrepreneurs Are Building A Startup Scene In The Middle Of An Economic Disaster

ATHENS, GREECE — It’s a big cliche at this point, but it’s always said that the greatest companies are forged during periods of the greatest economic hardship. If that’s the case, I probably met some of Europe’s top business leaders last night when I spent part of an evening getting to know the Greek internet startup scene.

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9 year old and Feynman

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

Sanity did prevail at the end. 9 year olds can keep taking photos of their lunches. And UK gets to keep the title of (relatively) free country for a few more months. That is until draconian new internet surveillance laws are passed.

The whole story made people go extatic – 9 year old child can change the world by the use of technology and social media. We didn’t have to wait long for the predictable to happen – empire struck back. Establishment tried to shoot the messenger. Or at least prevent her from shooting of photos of her food.

Then another predictable thing happened – even more public uproar. This finally caused the the sanity to prevail. Everybody gets to live ever after and establishment can live another day to fight even more bizzare battles in the future.

The whole story reminds me of a safe-breaking exploits of Richard Feynman. After disclosing the fact that safes are unsafe and demonstrating that they can be opened the general in charge sent out a note “Don’t let Feynman approach any safe”. ┬áThere wasn’t any social media at the time, so the problem was solved. And even if there was social media it probably wouldn’t be reporting from the depths of Manhattan project.

Ban on 9-year-old school food blogger is reversed

Well, that was quick. Following an enormous media (and social media) storm, the ban on 9-year-old Martha Payne’s Never Seconds blog about the dinners on offer in her school has been lifted. As we reported earlier, Scottish Martha was banned from taking photos in the school dining hall, thus killing her blog, after it attracted newspaper coverage.

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Is 13 Firefox’s lucky number?

English: This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser.

Firefox icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I started using Mozilla browser more than 10 years ago I would have never imagined what will become of it. It was crashing, it was slow, user experience was horrible. It seemed like the web browser wars are over.

However our open source heroe persisted. Year after year they have improved the code and made it suck less every day. And eventually in late 2000s there was a breakthrough and Mozilla in the form of Firefox returned to fame. For the moment Firefox was the winner. However since then a new kid on the block appeared – Chrome.

Now Firefox is getting back into the game! Will number 13 be Firefox’s lucky number?

Firefox 13 is better

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox was released on 6 June, and is supposedly much faster and safer than the open source web browser. The new Firefox has also adapted its home and tab pages to have a similar layout to other browsers they compete with like Chrome.


The Role of Hope

I usually don’t write about softer topics, but this short piece caught my attention in today’s blogspire.

Hope gives us reason to invest energy today for the prospect of brighter future. It energizes us to act instead of stand still. When leading teams one of the most important things to do is project a realistic plan of the future that we are going to achieve together. We must not just hope, but also believe that the place we’re going to end up in is going to be a good place.



The Role of Hope in our Lives

Hope is the default setting for human beings….just look at the children around you. It’s just that life has a tendency to chip away at it…as we go through life. But when you think about who engages you, which bosses you love to work for, which brands create loyalty…they all have one thing…they trigger hope.

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Chris Brogan had 16k connections on LinkedIn

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan (Photo credit: planetc1)

While I like Chris‘ writing very much, I think it’s a good thing for LinkedIn that he left the network. It’s good for LinkedIn as a company and it’s good for everyone using LinkedIn as a business tool.

I am seeing my LinkedIn account value deteriorating for me as amount of my 1st and 2nd level contacts grows. I used to be able to find some connection that I needed and find who is the intermediary that could connect us. With connection explosion, it is much harder to find ‘good paths’ that can lead to results. You mail to 5 people for introduction, and they all say they just met the guy once at the conference.

The question is how could LinkedIn successfully prune ‘bad’ contacts? They don’t need to be entirely deleted, just marked somehow or put into a separate bucket. Could they do it algorithmically? Or should they just reduce number of contacts you have? Or maybe even award you if you have 1000 contacts and are willing to trim that down to 500?

Unable to Game LinkedIn, Chris Brogan Calls It Quits

Interesting post from social media guru Chris Brogan today nothing that he’s quit LinkedIn. According to Brogan, the reason that he quit is that LinkedIn has failed to fix a perceived bug he reported a month ago that he “can’t seem to add people back when they request he connect”.

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Social media by the numbers : the latest site figures

This image is an example of a blocking cluster...

This image is an example of a blocking cluster in a social network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great comparison of sizes and activities on different social networks. I wish there would be “Nielsen ratings” for social network which would standardize their reporting practices for registred, active users and other activity. Could social networks be judged on standardized metrics?

Social media by the numbers : the latest site figures

Introducing a new regular feature on the blog, where we’ll keep you up to date with the latest stats from the leading social networks. Covering users, site traffic, mobile stats and more. Stats are correct as of May 18th, 2012 Facebook 901 million monthly active users Most popular page :…

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