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No Alternative to Twitter?

July 10, 2012
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Unfortunately I don’t think there is an alternative to Twitter. No service that would be exactly like Twitter (think would be able to rouse enough users to be viable alternative.

What is need is a different service that would be able to start pulling air out of Twitter ecosystem. And right now there doesn’t seem to be any contender. When it will come it will look so different to Twitter, we won’t even know.

Lately I’ve been looking at Pair and Avocado. Those are services for couples to keep in touch. They use well known ‘communication language’ of short messages and images which we’ve learned while texting and tweeting. The use case is much narrower which offers opportunity for innovation (Pair’s finger-kissing for example). Maybe those are the services where innovation needed to disrupt Facebook and Twitter will come from.

Is There an Opening for an Alternative to Twitter?

As Twitter strives to become a more lucrative business, it is arguably getting less consumer and developer friendly. The introduction of “Promoted Tweets” and the growing crackdown of how its API can be used by third-parties are indications how Twitter operates is changing.

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