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Could Facebook delisting be a breach of human rights?

July 2, 2012

Here’s an interesting thought: is being listed on Facebok a human right? Internet access already is a human right in some countries such as Estonia, Spain and Finland. Could it be that if Facebook dominance over our social status continues for next decade or two Facebook profile itself becomes a human right? The question sounds weird right now, but imagine if being on Facebook basically starts constituting your exclusive “online passport”?


Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1991 in Slovenia there was an administrative erasure of about 20k people. They were deprived of their residency status and through that of their basic rights. Now The Erased have won a major court victory at European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg entitling them to reparations. Is it just a matter of time when similar cases are going to be fought around social network accounts?

Facebook delisting can be traumatic

Diana Frerick felt as if her heart had stopped on Valentine’s Day of this year when Facebook pulled the plug on her profile page. The former Cedar Rapids resident, who now lives in Phoenix, Ariz., was one of many Facebook users who have mixed a healthy dash of business with social networking.

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