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9 year old and Feynman

June 16, 2012
United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

Sanity did prevail at the end. 9 year olds can keep taking photos of their lunches. And UK gets to keep the title of (relatively) free country for a few more months. That is until draconian new internet surveillance laws are passed.

The whole story made people go extatic – 9 year old child can change the world by the use of technology and social media. We didn’t have to wait long for the predictable to happen – empire struck back. Establishment tried to shoot the messenger. Or at least prevent her from shooting of photos of her food.

Then another predictable thing happened – even more public uproar. This finally caused the the sanity to prevail. Everybody gets to live ever after and establishment can live another day to fight even more bizzare battles in the future.

The whole story reminds me of a safe-breaking exploits of Richard Feynman. After disclosing the fact that safes are unsafe and demonstrating that they can be opened the general in charge sent out a note “Don’t let Feynman approach any safe”.  There wasn’t any social media at the time, so the problem was solved. And even if there was social media it probably wouldn’t be reporting from the depths of Manhattan project.

Ban on 9-year-old school food blogger is reversed

Well, that was quick. Following an enormous media (and social media) storm, the ban on 9-year-old Martha Payne’s Never Seconds blog about the dinners on offer in her school has been lifted. As we reported earlier, Scottish Martha was banned from taking photos in the school dining hall, thus killing her blog, after it attracted newspaper coverage.

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