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Google tablet for 150$ ?

March 17, 2012

Oh yes, can I have one please. No, give me three!


Google (Photo credit: Daniel Morris)

This is going to be same as with e-book readers. The 100$ price point has started an avalanche that will see the dead wood book being marginalized over next decade.

At 150$ price point Google can repeat what it has done to iPhone with Android. Yes, Android phones aren’t the most desirable product, but they are a damn good and ubiquitous alternative.

While nay-sayers will emphasise what Google Tablet lacks, it only needs to be good enough, not an iPad competitor. Kindle Fire competitor maybe.

But seriously, give me three! For the price of a single iPad I can equip my whole family with Google Tablets!

Rumor: Google Nexus tablet a ‘done deal’, could cost as little as $149

There’s been talk for a while now of Google bringing out its own tablet, with a new report suggesting it could cost as little as $149. On the day Apple’s new iPad launched to much fanfare and excitement, more details have emerged regarding the possibility of a Google tablet.

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