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A lack of social media understanding and political outcomes?

March 5, 2012

I’d like some serious research on this, not just anecdotal evidence.

My thoughts when a candidate in Slovenia asked me how to use social media in political campaign locally: you cleverly use social media to create or expose the phenomenon and make sure it’s juicy so old media can’t ignore it. Then you get your message out through old media. Simply forget about using social media to influence voters. You use social media to influence old media.

That were my thoughts a couple of years ago. Now I am wondering if there will be time soon when you could actually work around old media with social media instead of using one as leverage for another.


A lack of social media understanding is killing @RickSantorum and @NewtGingrich in the primaries

Assuming that Mitt Romney gets the GOP nomination to take on Barack Obama in November, most will attribute his success in the primaries to having more money, placing more negative television ads, and having a stronger organization behind him than his remaining 3 competitors. The reality of his victory can be seen on social media.

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