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If Facebook buys Bing it’s a perfect storm for Google

March 4, 2012

Is perfect storm brewing? Storm that is ready to throw Googleinto a tornado?

facebook business

facebook business (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Let me repeat the crazy scenario that could completely change the world of search: Facebook buying Bing with their stock. Can it happen?

Some important consequences:

  • Facebook actually has web clout and can push Bing organically to their users (way more directly than Microsoft can or is allowed to)
  • Facebook has social data about web sites that Google doesn’t and getting that into Bing algorithm could increase relevancy of certain results a lot
  • Getting Bing to search through all Facebook data (and carefully enforcing privacy settings) would allow Facebook to further grow their walled garden of web-inside-the-web. Walled garden inaccessible to Google that is.
  • Microsoft owning more of Facebook stock would align them in the same direction, not just because of the common competitor
This would be much bigger than Microsoft buying Yahoo back in the days.

Facebook Promotes Bing Search Even More

As I (and others) have suggested in numerous articles in the past, the competitive landscape around search and social media could get really interesting if Facebook decided to start getting more involved with search. Facebook and Google are competitors. Microsoft and Google are competitors. Facebook and Microsoft (Bing, in particular) are partners.

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