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Samsung’s TVs are about pixels

February 19, 2012

Well… when I still had a TV the goal of watching was distraction, stories, entertainment and sometimes education. Picture quality enhances the experience, but if it is not there and story line is superb, who cares about picture quality. Give me 12 Monkies on VHS any time over some flashy, but empty, summer Hollywood flick.

And while thinking up new ways to interface with TVs might be intellectually interesting, it’s not really the main thing. The main thing is getting good entertainment at the time and place you want it.

On additional note, this whole affair got started by a single product manager at Samsung blurting without much thinking. Probably Samsung people are smarter than that. But press just keeps on blowing th

e story out of proportions. Clicks, clicks, clicks.

Samsung is wrong about TV

I read this piece on TechCrunch last week, in which a Samsung product manager says this about Apple and their TV. “TVs are ultimately about picture quality.” Okay. That marks Samsung as one of the pigs in an Angry Birds game. Like Kodak and Blackberry in years-gone-by.

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