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Whitney Houston, copyright, supply & demand

February 14, 2012

Price hike on Whitney Huston’s  digital music 30 minutes after her death. Shameful or law of supply & demand?

When supply is monopolized and demand raises, why not rise prices? This is exactly what current copyright system is designed for. I don’t think it’s really that shameful by itself, it’s entirely rational behavior by the player holding the power.

If every penny went into her estate, would people complain? I think people are complaining because it is Sony, big evil multinational, who is exercising this right.

As for myself, I am much more concerned that Sony’s going to have monopoly over her talent for next 70, 90 or even more years (depending on where you leave). Even as her music will be becoming implicit fabric of your or my culture, there’s going to be Sony, backed by powerful state, deciding who can and who can not create ne cultural objects that are based on Whitney’s amazing creations.

Shameful: Sony raised prices on Whitney Houston’s digital music 30 minutes after her death

As much criticism as record labels receive for how they treat artists, Sony Music might take the cake. The company pulled the ultimate in shameful activities this weekend by raising the price on Whitney Houston’s Ultimate Collection album on iTunes and Amazon within 30 minutes of her death on Saturday.

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