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Study: ‘App Economy’ has created 500,000 jobs since 2007

February 9, 2012

500k new jobs created? Now the question is how many were destroyed! My bet is that many more were destroyed. Is this a good thing? Not for the ones that were replaced by an app. However on the large scale the world is probably slightly more efficient because of it.

Now the big question is what do people with 20th century skills do in 21st century?  And how to upgrade those skills? I don’t think just advising them to join the “app economy” is going to work. At least not at scale that’s needed.

Yesterday in the office we were discussing an idea of how to let people find their own (useful) talent that applies to a new economy. For those that are at least partly computer-literate and speak English you could do simple classes at employment office. Show them small opportunities to earn a buck with internet crowdsourcing services. Show them how to sign up and how to do a task or two.,, Amazon Mechanical Turk, 99Designs and more.

Now, there’s very little chance for most to earn a subsistence wage (if they live in western world). However, earning money is not the real goal! The goal is to get people back into the game.

It’s a head-fake as Randy Pausch would call it. Show them that there are a lot of semi-easily accessible occupations that they can take up. Getting small financial rewards  from crowdsourcing tasks won’t hurt either, it could work a bit like game dynamics. Showing people that more experienced they get more they can earn. But earnings wouldn’t be the real point. The real goal would be getting people back into the job game. Making them feel more useful and hopefully making them skilled enough to have a chance of getting a “proper job” in local economy.

Would it work? I am not sure. Someone must have tried it out before. Let me know if you know any cases like that

Study: ‘App Economy’ has created 500,000 jobs since 2007

It’s no secret that the rise of smartphones, tablets and social networking has fostered an entirely new market for app developers, but a freshly released study has now attempted to quantify this impact, in terms of real jobs.

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