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Google’s SPYW is reaction to Microsoft, really?

February 5, 2012

Nice PR spin work from Microsoft. Naturally Google has to put it into high gear to keep the lead, however it’s not really Bing they are so much worried about. While Bing is a threat to Google it’s a threat that is manageable, market shares of very similar products won’t shift very fast (except through acquisitions).

However real threat is coming from Facebook and Twitter. They are changing the paradigms of the web and if tectonic shift happens (and it will happen), Google can quickly find itself in hard-to-compete strategic position. SPYW is here to make sure Google is prepared for the shift (and so is Android). SPYW fiasco happened because basically every Googler’s bonus is tied to success of Google+. What would you do as a product manager in such situation?

And the scariest possible scenarios for Google? Facebook buying Bing away from Microsoft (mainly in stock) and creating next generation of search.

Microsoft’s Search Head: Google ‘Realized We Were Ahead And They Overextended’ With Social Search (MSFT, GOOG)

Microsoft thinks it’s done a pretty good job with social search so far, according to Bing Search director Stefan Weitz – so much so that it prompted Google to start its own social search program called Search Plus Your World.





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