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IBM Watson, does it have a future?

February 2, 2012
IBM Watson (Jeopardy at Carnegie Mellon) - How...

IBM Watson (Jeopardy at Carnegie Mellon) - How I saved humanity! (Photo credit: Anirudh Koul)

Hopefully Watson will have a different destiny than Deep Blue. Deep Blue was a similarly positioned project in late 90′ – it has beaten Garry Kasparov in chess and (for many) proved that computers are superior thinkers over humans.  For IBM the game and final win was just a publicity stunt. As it fulfilled it purpose the team was slowly dismantled.

This time around IBM got Watson to win Jeopardy! A publicity stunt very similar to what they did to Deep Blue. Let’s hope its transformation into dr. Watson will save it from dying off as another PR project of a big company that can afford it for the fun of it.

IBM’s Watson, Cedars-Sinai and WellPoint Take On Cancer

WellPoint and IBM are working with oncology experts at the Cedars Sinai Cancer Institute in Los Angeles to educate Watson as a physician’s assistant. Watson, an IBM computing system proved on Jeopardy! that a computer can collect and understand vast amounts of information and provide answers.



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