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Why China Wins

January 23, 2012
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Yesterday I’ve read “Why China Wins” article by NYT. While based on a tad bit too much anecdotal evidence, it rings a bell. I could imagine an analogous article saying “Why Sillicon Valley Wins”.

China / Shenzhen has enormous capacities in mid-skilled workforce. Sillicon Valley has similar advantage when it comes to highly skilled web workers and entrepreneurs. In their respective industries both places are dynamic to the extreme with ability to pull people and resources together at very short notice.  Both places are able to deploy enormous capital at almost moment’s notice when opportunity presents itself and both have wide and deep ecosystem that supports chasing those opportunities.

I wanted to write more on the topic…  however Pandodaily had exactly the same idea, so why write stuff twice. Please continue reading at:

Why China Wins

I love this story in the New York Times. I know we mentioned it in the PandoTicker yesterday, but it deserves to be highlighted twice because its implications are that important to understand for America and its future for tech innovation. It explains why Apple’s gold-standard devices are made in China, not the US.



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