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Twitter’s claim of the land

English: Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitt...

English: Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitter Town Hall in July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve already written here, it’s natural that companies go into entrenchment mode when they need to switch from growth stage to monetization stage. Twitter is no exception. It was nice to have an awesome communications and messaging platform that many developers could use to build their apps on. Ecosystem has created many different apps for use-cases both on consumption and on content creation side.

But now the game has changed and this is not an amateur league anymore. Twitter needs an IPO and in order to make that omelet it is more than willing to break some eggs.

Unfortunately it will take at least a few years for anything competitive to emerge. And I am sure it will offer a different paradigm than Twitter does today.

Twitter’s move toward greater content control concerns experts

With Twitter’s recent moves pointing toward “media company,” there is a growing concern among technologists that a trend for greater content control will compromise both innovation and Twitter’s future in favor of short-term profits.

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No Alternative to Twitter?

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Unfortunately I don’t think there is an alternative to Twitter. No service that would be exactly like Twitter (think would be able to rouse enough users to be viable alternative.

What is need is a different service that would be able to start pulling air out of Twitter ecosystem. And right now there doesn’t seem to be any contender. When it will come it will look so different to Twitter, we won’t even know.

Lately I’ve been looking at Pair and Avocado. Those are services for couples to keep in touch. They use well known ‘communication language’ of short messages and images which we’ve learned while texting and tweeting. The use case is much narrower which offers opportunity for innovation (Pair’s finger-kissing for example). Maybe those are the services where innovation needed to disrupt Facebook and Twitter will come from.

Is There an Opening for an Alternative to Twitter?

As Twitter strives to become a more lucrative business, it is arguably getting less consumer and developer friendly. The introduction of “Promoted Tweets” and the growing crackdown of how its API can be used by third-parties are indications how Twitter operates is changing.

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Thunderbird piping for the fjords

Español: Logitipo del proyecto Thunderbird

Thunderbird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as I went from Evolution to ThunderBird they decide to deprecate Thunderbird.

I am a believer in local copy of all emails (and still having a cloud option!). Call me old-fashioned if you will. Since I often work on emails offline (on planes or in foreign countries where I don’t have unlimited data plan), it comes really handy. It seems I’ll have to find a new client that will cope with my 8Gb mail archive. But not sooner than in a few years, and who knows what happens till then.

Mozilla Deprecates ThunderBird

Mozilla is cutting development on ThunderBird. And where’s Chandler when you need it? Seriously though, it’s probably an inevitable move from Mozilla. Desktop email clients that look like Outlook are a legacy product. And Mozilla has to husband its scarce resources very carefully these days.

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Twitter cuts off service to LinkedIn – Entrenchment stage of social networks

We’ve come to another stage in history of social platforms. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr seem to have achieved their growth goals and now we are going into a phase that I shall call “entrenchment”. Basically every network will try to control user experience in a vertical way as much as possible and thus “own” the user and user experience. Vertical control is a requirement for ‘safe’ delivery of ads and other business opportunities. Today this means making sure the companies control client software and that they control user experience. Killing RSS and killing third party clients are just parts of this game.

After control of users will be complete, the main “exploitation” stage of social networking will start.  That one will last until these networks get disrupted by next big thing. And then the cycle will repeat.

Twitter cuts off service to LinkedIn – CBS News

Tech Talk (Credit: Twitter/LinkedIn) (CBS News) Twitter, the micro-blogging site, has cut off tweets on the professional social network LinkedIn, ending a two-year partnership. Twitter is a website that lets users broadcast 140-character status updates, or tweets, in real time.

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Could Facebook delisting be a breach of human rights?

Here’s an interesting thought: is being listed on Facebok a human right? Internet access already is a human right in some countries such as Estonia, Spain and Finland. Could it be that if Facebook dominance over our social status continues for next decade or two Facebook profile itself becomes a human right? The question sounds weird right now, but imagine if being on Facebook basically starts constituting your exclusive “online passport”?


Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1991 in Slovenia there was an administrative erasure of about 20k people. They were deprived of their residency status and through that of their basic rights. Now The Erased have won a major court victory at European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg entitling them to reparations. Is it just a matter of time when similar cases are going to be fought around social network accounts?

Facebook delisting can be traumatic

Diana Frerick felt as if her heart had stopped on Valentine’s Day of this year when Facebook pulled the plug on her profile page. The former Cedar Rapids resident, who now lives in Phoenix, Ariz., was one of many Facebook users who have mixed a healthy dash of business with social networking.

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Oreo Pride – Brands and positions they take

Wow, a brand that decides to take a position that’s not connected with their product in any way.

What’s interesting is all the analytics (here offered by Radiant6) that provides a very clear feedback on what the brand is gaining and losing by taking a stand. This also means we’ll have more analytics-based brand shaping in the future. Software might soon make predictions such as “if you endorse message z your sales will raise x% in California and fall y% in South Carolina”.

I am not yet sure if I like the over analyzed world we live in.

In any case , cheers to Oreo!


Oreo Pride: Facebook Post Causes Social Media Stir

Image from Oreo’s Facebook page In conjunction with Pride Month, Oreo Cookies made waves on Facebook on Monday evening by coming out firmly in support of gay rights/marriage. Posting a picture of a rainbow colored Oreo (which looks delicious, by the way) featuring a caption reading “Proudly support love!

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Startups in Greece

I’d argue the following: Greece might currently be the most interesting place to look at for new ideas. Villages introducing their own currencies. New forms of credit. Interesting things are bound to happen when a well educated population sails into uncharted waters.

Let’s see what comes out of that.

You Think You Have It Hard? These Tech Entrepreneurs Are Building A Startup Scene In The Middle Of An Economic Disaster

ATHENS, GREECE — It’s a big cliche at this point, but it’s always said that the greatest companies are forged during periods of the greatest economic hardship. If that’s the case, I probably met some of Europe’s top business leaders last night when I spent part of an evening getting to know the Greek internet startup scene.

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